...il vitigno Sangiovese è l’unica chance che abbiamo, noi viticoltori, di scrivere pagine nuove nel libro del futuro.
Az.Agric.Poliziano Di Carletti Federico‎ Via Fontago, 1 Montepulciano Siena

Il Romanzo del Sangiovese

by Andrea Zanfi

In a territory like this that has given forth the work of artists like Vasari, Piero della Francesca, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Simone Martini, Duccio da Buoninsegna, and the architect Antonio da San Gallo the elder, author of the church of San Biagio in Montepulciano, can the city that was the cradle of the court literature the bard Angelo Ambrogini, known as il Poliziano, sang out, vacillate over defining its enologic future? Certainly not, not least because the Sangiovese vine is the only chance we have, we wine growers, of writing new pages in the book of the future.

After years of flights of fancy, lucubration and scarce education on the theme of wine, becoming aware of the importance this vine type has brings with it a great sense of responsibility and professionalism in the face of the territory system.

An old and new point of view at the same time, one which for many people is still difficult and hard to profit from.

For my part, I have long understood that cleaving to Sangiovese not only allows me to give greater identity to what I produce, but also stimulates my innate sense of belonging to this place, finding the will to use my energy in order to make what I do be a small contribution to creating the right enological image for these lands.

In this moment of history, in which an era is coming to an end and another is starting, with the certainties of the past annulled and the new ones as yet undefined, that the most important match the productive system of this Sangiovese lands have ever seen must be played.

We need to be acute in our investments, to change our attitudes and way of thinking. We need to build a system and unite the strengths of us all, starting from the producers and communicators, and spreading to the sector operators and distributors.

Ours is a future that we can make solid if we allow questions, if after every tiny result we set ourselves more prestigious goals, if we stop seeing what we make sacrifices for merely as business but instead as an essence to leave to future generations.